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Reduce your heating bills by up to 35%

Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation. We are professional installers, we do the job properly and to the highest possible standard.

If your home is constructed in traditional brick with two extranet brick or block walls we can fill the space between them with a specialist material that will instantly keep in the heat.

Most modern homes are constructed with two brick wall with an air gap, or cavity, between them. We can inject insulation into this air gap by drilling small holes in between some of the bricks in the wall, injecting the special material into the gap and then covering the small holes in the cement between the bricks.

We use the latest technology and materials specially designed to insulate very narrow cavities and avoid the problems that some cavity wall insulation materials caused in the past. Your walls will start to radiate heat back into your home and nasty cold draughts will be reduced leaving your home cosy and a lot warmer.

The installation process does not leave any unsightly marks in your walls and improves the energy efficiency of your home substantially, reducing your heating bills by up to 35%.

That’s a huge potential saving and burning less energy for heating helps lower your own carbon footprint so you’re doing your bit in the fight against climate change too!

Free Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation
There may be grants available depending on your circumstances that mean you can get your loft insulation and cavity wall insulation installed free of charge. Why not give us a call and we’ll check to see if you qualify?


Reduce your Energy Bills, your Carbon Footprint and the appearance of your home

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